Who we are

Hi all,

My name is Michiel and I started quotecap in January 2017. Long before this date, I was already interested in quotes. In fact, I remember that as a teenager I always walked around with a small notebook in my pocket. This notebook served as my book filled with quotes I discovered, parts of inspiring books I did not want to forget, and special sayings from inspiring persons. 

Many years (and many notebooks) later, I am still inspired by quotes on a daily basis. These quotes give me the right energy to start the day with a smile on my face. Quotes can be so powerful and really can help you getting into the right mood. In this digital age and with all the fuzz in our business lives, it can be hard to truly live in the moment. 

And that is exactly where quotecap steps in! 

My mission is to inspire you with quotes and to help you getting into the right mindset with our unique products, so you can inspire others! And always remember: everything you want to achieve in your life is possible! Just begin and believe in yourself. That's exactly how I turned my dream into a real business. 

I truly believe that we can change the world together. Let's inspire each other and connect on social media


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